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What is metalhealth?

Metalhealth is a new and unique training programme for bilateral exercises through smithing and jewellery making, aimed at improving flexibility and strength in patients or clients.

Metalhealth is developed by Michal Greenberg-Abrahami and Susanne Boger, who are classically trained as jewellers and designers - also for special needs - and who have 20 years experience in their fields.

We teach bilateral exercises with passion and respect for our clients and patients, to improve their manual and mental flexibility as well as strength through working with tools for smithing, jewellery making and jewellery related work. The special tools that we use for jewellery making are naturally 'heavy tools', often with thick handles that we can also adapt to our patients needs, and the ambidextrous, rhythmic smithing movements often resemble exercises done in physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Most jewellery techniques involve working with both hands simultaneously, which makes this exercises beneficial for the patient.

We translate classical physiotherapeutical and other therapeutical exercises, such as occupational and art therapy, into bilateral work with jewellery making tools, to strengthen both physical and mental possibilities of our patients (for example grip). Through the stimulation of hand-brain connection, sensory issues can be improved and new pathways are being made in the brain.
From simple soft wire work that we teach slowly for our more impaired patients to more advanced metal work techniques, we teach tailor made exercises, preferably in dialogue with the patients doctors and therapists. Patients learn a new skill, that they can use as an applied art, a new 'profession'.

Knowing and mastering the basics of metal work gives an excellent base for most other manual techniques, such as wood, textile, ceramics, painting, and can be used to give the patient a new sense of empowerment. An opportunity to take better part in society again, for example through making small repairs for friends etc. Our Metalhealth programme adds a new dimension to classical physiotherapy exercises or occupational therapy, and our patients report back to us, that they are looking forward to do their Metalhealth exercises, as they go home with a haptic result, a piece of jewellery.

Our experience includes working with patients with MS, Parkinson, Rheumatism, as well as work with partially sighted clients, and clients from the neuro diversity spectrum. Metalhealth exercises can also be applied for mobility impaired clients as well as for working with elderly clients.

Our Metalhealth training programme is suitable for rehabilitation centres, clinics, medical staff, physio therapists, art therapists, occupational therapists, coaches and also for professionals who work with the elderly.

We provide workshops and trainings for professionals and we also offer workshops for your patients.

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